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About Gepe

For more than 50 years, the Gepe has been an active player in the photo market. Gepe Produkte AG is responsible for all activities of the Gepe group in this area.

To answer the needs of the growing market for digital memory cards, Gepe has developed its Card Safe product range. The safes are the ideal tool to transport, store and protect all popular digital memory cards - from mini cards to Memory Stick to Compact Flash.

Thus, they are the perfect accessory for cameras or mobile multimedia devices such as handhelds, PDAs, Navigation Systems or mobile phones.

Our Card Safe memory card protection boxes are manufactured at the European plants of the group in Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands

With the Card Safes Gepe has developed a new product line underlining the company's core competence: the development and production of innovative high-quality products. Our many years of experience in the production of high precision polymer products and parts ensure the excellent quality of every Card Safe.

Gepe is also the world's single biggest supplier of plastic slide mounts, distributing them via partners in 47 countries. Gepe slide mounts and accessories are used by amateur as well as professional photographers and institutions throughout the world. The complete program consists of more than 60 different kinds of mounts, with and without glass.

The Gepe Group

The Gepe group was established in Sweden in 1955 and the first products where slide changer's for photographic projectors. A few years later Gepe started to produce slide mounts and other photo accessories. Eventually the Gepe slide mounts turned into a huge commercial success and laid the foundation of the further development of the group.

Subsequently Gepe established manufacturing plants in the Netherlands and Germany, as well as distribution companies in all major markets. By 1990 this made Gepe the largest supplier of plastic slide mounts in the world.

Starting in 1992, the group began to diversify into other industries as it became foreseeable that the photographic business and especially the slide mount business would start to decline in the course of the technological change of the photo industry (digital).

In the year of 2009 we finalised the restructuring of the group from being a producer of photographic accessories to the Gepe group as it is today. This proved to be a major challenge, and would not have been possible without a long-term perspective and a very patient and experienced family ownership.

Today the Gepe group is an international and diversified industrial organisation with businesses operating in a number of sectors and regions. We are active in the areas of Personal Hygiene, Medical Device, Plastic Components, Photographic Accessories and Animal Identification. Our products range from refrigerator components over hand disinfectant to ear tags for cattle.

For more information about the Gepe group and its business areas please visit us at: